Adbeni All In One Beauty Pack Kit



  • 1pc Foundation,
  • 1pc Kajal,
  • 1pc Stick Sindoor,
  • 1pc Lipstick,
  • 1pc Velvet Matte N.P,
  • 2pc Nail Art,
  • 1pc Nail Remover 32pads,
  • 1pc 10 Color Eyeshadow,
  • 1pc Eyeliner,
  • 1pc Mascara,
  • 1pc Nail Filier,
  • 1pc Eyebrow Plucker,
  • 1pc Eye & Lipliner pencil,
  • 1pc Bindi,
  • 1pc Eyelashes,
  • 1pc Cold Cream,
  • 1pc 3 Color Blush,
  • 1pc Compact Powder,
  • 1pc Gift Pack Makeup Pouch


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