How to Apply makeup like a professional

Our makeup in not a mask. It’s a beauty and skills of art and more important a form of represent your attitude, your expression. when you want to creative freedom,All the power lies in your makeup skills to try out different looks of your beauty and see what makes you more attractive. because your makeup skills is an extension of your personality. Yes, we believe that we all have different preferences and styles, but the normal first basic of makeup skills is know better tips to apply makeup.

Why perfect makeup is Important?

We all know that smallest step of our can make big difference sometimes in our looks out. I have done plenty of research to help you to achieve your best makeup look. from professionals makeup tips to a breakdown some steps which involved in a perfect flow to makeup apply.

Please read continue below article to find out in more details.

How to Apply Perfect makeup :

The Base of perfect makeup comes down that what is your preparation.So first of all you have to know that all the steps below are very easy to apply and if you learn in a proper way then you are done your perfect look within a five minutes to spare. Yes, you will become a professional within no time.Let’s get started

What you must have :

1) Mascara
2) Eye shadow
3) Bronzer/Blush
4) Foundation
5) Lipstick
6) Eyeliner
7) Powder
8) Concealer
9) Primer
10) Pretty Smile of yours. ( Smile Please )

Here We can understand how to choose perfect product based on our skin

First of all you will choose your skin type or your preferences any products you don’t have to consider same products which I mention below. Here i have mention out a complete tutorial in a easy step which make your routine for you. Please get this one that you have to remember to be aware of your skin type do you have. which is help you to choose perfect products for you. Here some example like if you have Dry skin beauties then you have to try oil based formula products. If Oily skin the you have to use water based makeup formula product and if you have Sensitive skin then you have to use mineral formula products.

Step by step start to apply makeup

Part 1 : Apply a flawless base

Step 1: Apply prime on your face

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First step for any makeup look is to apply primer on face. This step will boos smoothness out your texture. If you are going to be office or any function around or sweating a primer is must use.

L’Oreal Paris Magic Perfecting Base Face Primer is great option for primer

Step 2: Apply Foundation on face.

Makeuo tutorial like a professional

First you need to choose perfect suitable foundation that matches your skin tone and you have to apply that onto primed skin. Use your foundation with brush or a blender. Now make sure that your blend is well along to your jawline, neck and allover face, so you don’t look like Hakuna matata. Remember Royal Rule : Less is More. this is all indeed the case with this step.

Maybelline’s Fit this products has different variety of foundation shades and you will get help for choosing any one easily.

Step 3: Now this is time to Conceal


Now Apply your chosen concealer in a shade that’s slightly light than your skin tone to get brighten look. use your concealer with brush, apply that under your eyes in upside triangle shape and blend it out. Please apply that in perfect way onto your dark spots. Please make sure that your concealer blends into your chosen foundation.

Important Tip : Choose weightless liquid concealer and apply it on a wide area or under eye area of your face.

Step 4: Now set your Foundation

makeup-Set-Foundation tips

Best idea to set your foundation in a decent way by using compact or powder. use wisely with buffing brush to apply compact powder, make sure to keep your neck and face.

Part II: Define your Features

Once you get your base perfect then it’s time to make your beauties features.

Intensify your eyes :

Enhance--Eye makeup tips

First make sure that you invest a good quality mascara or eyeliner that don’t smear or smudge.

-> With the help of brush to smudge the product to avoid lines. using liner to your upper waterline and outer eye corner of your lower line.
-> for more detailing use curler to curl your eye lashes.
-> Now Apply perfect coat of eye mascara on your eyes for more shine and bright look.
-> You will add any eye shadow to your eyelids for a perfect eyes also.

Create a Perfect Eye brows :

Create-EyeBrows-makeupilike pro

If you have perfect natural black eye brows then you are lucky enough then you can skip this step but if you haven’t then don’t worry I’m here. If you have not perfect eye brows or plucked one, you can use eyebrows pencil to fill them perfect.

-> Choose a any pencil that very closely look to your matches eyebrows.
-> Now make small hairs in the gaps by making short strokes of it.
-> Once you fill it perfectly, you will add some highlighter under the arches of eye brows to make them stand out.

You will get multiple products in the market specially for your eyebrows like eyebrows pencils or eyebrows kit.

Main Part Define your perfect Pout :


Now make sure you moisturize your lips with some lip balm before you put any other thing on your lips. Choose wisely any lip color that match your skin tone. If you like to put some nude lipstick, find the perfect one with good shadow and also match with your skin tone.

show this picture-How-To-Apply-Makeup-Like-A-Pro

Hurray !! now you’re ready.

Your look is completely ready and you are ready to go for office or college or for any function also. Now you have ready look to achieve for perfect picture. As per your needy you will add some amp it up or down according to your atmosphere.

All the pics of tutorial credit goes to Stylecraze