Today we have list of Best Lip balms for daily uses which you will use in office or party as well as.  Biologically, lips do not have oil glands. Therefore, lips must be protected from the external damage which could be caused due to external factors like harsh sun,cold weather or extreme climatic conditions. so if you use lip balm daily purpose so you will get enough benefits of it. Lip care is as essential as proper skin care. We sorted some best lip balms for dily use in below the article. If you know how to care your lips in a good way please read this.

Look for natural moisturizing lip balms, that will penetrate and heal the skin—not simply coat the skin’s surface.A Perfect Lip Balm is must for your Perfect Daily use which add extra shine to your Lip.

How to find the best lip balms :

Always check this all points in your Lip Balm 

-> Protectants: The  Best balm always  contains lock in all  nourishment and hydration formula. That can be include different kind of waxes like plant waxes, beeswax, and cocoa butters.

-> Hydration Formula: On earth every plant oils like emollients and sunflower  help to moisturize your lips and dry lips. It making them lip-healing hitters.

-> Extras: None a Great lip salve is completed without any bonus bells and whistles, yes it like skin-protection and shielding formula as an example like Vitamin A or Vitamin E. With a best flavour of any fruits and if work like a sunscreen also for your lips with the great fragrance or an alcohol.

Here we have the list 10 of best lip balms for daily use :

1) Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm

->Helps to make lips softer, rosier, and healthier looking

->Contains shea butter and Benefits of SPF 20. It is Lightweighted

-> No harmful chemicals

-> Tinted lip balm

-> Adds a sheer tint for a revitalized look and feel

-> Helps improve texture and color of lips in just 1 week


2) Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening Lip Balm

->for Dark Lips this is balm you will be in need
->It contains skin brighteners that can reduce dark pigments and melanin patches on your lips and make them softer and brighter
->Contains Natural ingredients,No Harmful Chemicals

-> Ayurvedic formula

-> No harmful chemicals

-> Natural ingredients


3) Forest Essentials Luscious Sugared Rose Petal Lip Balm

-> An Ayurvedic Product Contains organic cold pressed Oil.
-> Balm is been Designed to soften chapped Lips.
-> Provide Long Lasting Hydrated Lips.
-> Its extraordinary moisturizing and hydrating properties


4) Lakme Lip Love Chapstick Lip balm

->Lip balm for soft lips adds 22 hrs moisturisation.
->SPF 15 that protects your lips from sun.
->One quick swipe and you can seal in the moisture to get soft lips all day.
-> Long lasting care.
->New vibrant pack & super moisturizing formula.


5) Palladio Butter Me Up Sheer Color Lip Balm

->It just Combines Lip Tint and Lip Gloss
->Its super conditioning formula is hard to resist.
->It is Cruelty-free,Paraben-free and Gluten-free.
->It protects your pout like any other hydrating lip balm and gives it glossy and buildable color.
-> Weightless feel or Sheer, buildable color


6) Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

-> This natural lip balm moisturizes lips with ingredients like ultra-emollient lanolin coconut oil and sunflower oil and seals in hydration with beeswax.
-> It is an organic and natural product,nourishes dry and chapped lips,is not glossy,and has a nice peppermint flavour.
-> Expensive one among listed Balm.
->* This Product is Shipped from USA within 7 to 14 days of reciept of order.


7) Organic Harvest Strawberry Lip Balm

->Lip Balm For dry & Chapped Lips, ECOCERT & PeTA Certified, Paraben & Sulphate Free
->Shea Butter acts as a great moisturizer in balancing moisturisation and hydration to the lips.
->Just one swipe of this conditioning lip care leaves your lips smooth and refreshed all day long.


8) Vaadi Herbals Lip Balm

-> cures the damage caused on lips by the direct exposure of the harmful UV rays.
->This lip balm comes with serious benefits. It is loaded with almond oil, honey, vitamin E, and strawberry extracts that take great care of your lips.
->They help in removing the tan and darkness from the lips yielding renewed and shiny lips


9) NIVEA Lip Balm

-> Pamper your lips with its gentle care and long lasting moisturization
-> Delightful cherry aroma and chosen pigments that leave a touch of colour on your lips
-> Doesn’t feel waxy and comse with Mild and refreshing fragrance
-> Beautifies with a soft glossy colour
-> Contains fruit extracts and shimmering pigments


10) Himalaya Shine Lip Balm care

-> Naturally glossy, soft and rejuvenated lips
-> Moisturizes lips
-> Keeps lips soft and supple


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