6 Best Eyeliners Review 2021

Wishing to make your eyes look more attractive?
-> Then definitely you gotta use eyeliner. Eyeliner makes your eyes look more defined & creates an illusion that makes your eyes look bigger! To boost up your makeup look an eyeliner is a must. Eyeliners create the necessary drama required on a face & helps to uplift your features.
These days, different types of Eyeliner are available in the market which is to meant to design & define your eyes. All of them have different purposes & it is you who has to select what suits your eyes, face type & convenience. 

You can show up your Creativity using Different Types of Eyeliners in different styles.

Below we mention different types of 6 Best Eyeliners Review 2021 :

1. Kajal Eyeliner
It has no creamy formula which makes it smudge-proof. Makes your eyes look bold. It is more long-lasting in comparison with other Eyeliners. It was used in the olden days & is used to date.

Here We Have The Best Choice in Kajal Eyeliner :

2. Pencil Eyeliner
It can resemble a Color Pencil which is used for Coloring our Drawings. It is a product which has some qualities of Kajal & some of Kohl. Can be sharpened which helps to draw precise lines. It can be used on the lash line & waterline as well. Easy to control & comes in different color variations.

Here We have the Best Choice in Kajal Eyeliner :

3. Kohl Eyeliner
It was designed considering the cons of Kajal & Pencil Eyeliners. It has a Creamy formula which made it easy to apply. It can be used on the waterline as well. The formula ensures smudging around easily which helps to create a smokey look quickly. It doesn’t last for a longer time.

Here We Have The Best Kohl Eyeliner :

4. Retractable Eyeliner  
This liner is a mechanical pencil liner. Just twist up the barrel & apply (The way it is for lipsticks). It has a matte & creamy formula which glides smoothly. No sharpening required. Costs around 200- 250 INR. Not as dark & pigmented as Pencil & Gel ones. Not meant for sensitive eyes.

Here We Have The Retractable Eyeliner :

5. Gel Eyeliner
Gel Eyeliner gives your eyes a defined & highly pigmented look. It has an intense color. Its waxy consistency makes it more long-lasting (doesn’t come off without makeup remover). Most of them are Waterproof.
Use a brush to apply it for more precise lines or a q-tip to create a smokey look.

Here We Have The Best Gel Eyeliner :

6. Liquid Eyeliner
This one comes in 2 types i.e. with a Brush tip (older version) & with a Felt-tip (new version) 
6.1) Brush-Tip Eyeliner :
When it comes to long-lasting, this one happens to be the best. It is quick to dry & Smudge-proof. The brush applicator allows you to create more drama around your eyes in different styles. Gives your eyes a precise & bold look. Can’t be applied to the waterline. Need a steady hand & practice to use this one.
6.2) Felt-Tip Eyeliner :
Also called a Sketch-pen liner as it looks like the original Sketch-pen. It’s a long-lasting one. As it helps to create beautiful shapes & patterns, it is often referred to as Art Liner. Easy to create Cat-eye look.

Here We Have The Best Liquid Eyeliner :